Zero waste is a term that refers to eliminating the volume of waste. It’s a sustainable process that many businesses are trying to achieve, not just because it’s eco-friendly, but because it makes sense financially. By going zero waste, you save money on waste management and lower your business costs. Plus, marketing your business as a zero waste lets like-minded consumers patronize your business. Think zero waste is a pipe dream? Here are the steps to take to start working toward zero waste.

Start With a Waste Audit

Before you can tackle the problem of waste, you need to know where you stand. You’ll need to categorize the types of wastes and amounts over a period of time. This gives you an understanding of what you need to do to get to zero waste.

Create a Team to Tackle the Problem

Once you know where you stand, you need a team to generate the zero waste plan. They’ll need a budget to set goals and find ways to build momentum. Start with easier things, just recycling paper and bottles to get some quick wins. Don’t forget to look at all the ways you can be eco-friendlier, such as turning off lights or improving your HVAC system efficiency.

Set Goals and Research Ideas

Getting to zero waste isn’t an overnight process. You may need time to find the right solutions and strategies. You may need to research vendors who make use of reusable packaging or find companies that will pick up your recyclables. You may even need to redesign your packaging to find the most cost-effective solution while moving toward zero waste.

Celebrate Victories

As you reach goals in zero waste, celebrate. It will help your team stay motivated and find new ways to be more eco-conscious.

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