Research shows that the most productive leaders display a combination of speed and quality. Leaders manifesting these attributes to a high degree are also more effective in retaining the loyalty of their employees. One of the keys to optimizing these characteristics is an innovative mindset. Here are some strategies to help you become a more effective innovator.

Set Your Goals High

If you want to be an innovator, never settle for mediocrity. Innovators are not satisfied with merely acceptable performances in themselves or others. Instead, they insist on continually raising the bar. They don’t set easy goals, but rather set goals that challenge people to go beyond what they think are their limits.

Embrace Change

Willingness to change is an essential aspect of being an innovator. Instead of being content with the ways things have been done in the past, an innovator has the strength, discipline, and resolve to attempt something new. Sometimes the process of change involves discomfort, a feeling of incompetence, and a difficult learning curve. However, inspiration and a desire to do what is right for the business and its clients cause an innovator to persevere in finding effective and productive solutions to workplace problems.

Create a Community of Innovators

An innovator is more effective when surrounded by like-minded people. If you assemble a community of experts in various fields that impact your organization, you will be able to borrow approaches and ideas from a variety of sources. The key to a thriving community of innovators is mutual trust. You have to make yourself accessible, encourage innovative thinking, and avoid punishing people for making mistakes. Your commitment to innovation can lead to the prosperity and growth of your organization and its employees. Using innovation well can propel a business forward to success.

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