Some entrepreneurs and business leaders are hesitant to embrace outsourcing, viewing it as risky or unwieldy. However, with the following tips in mind, you can make effective use of outside help.

Pick the Right Tasks

Businesses benefit more from outsourcing if they wisely choose which tasks to send out. It’s important to keep your most critical tasks in-house. For example, a supposed videography company that outsources the core videography work may quickly lose customers: Even if the outsourced product is good, people may not appreciate having their project sent off to another party.

However, certain tasks are ideal for outsourcing, especially if they aren’t necessarily what your business specializes in. For example, the same videographer might outsource tasks like marketing and financial analysis. Repetitive tasks that don’t require your business’s core capabilities are also ideal.

Don’t Skimp on the Selection Process

Another step toward effective outsourcing is carefully selecting the right individuals or companies to hire. Colleagues in your field may be able to provide recommendations. Other professionals that you work with, like a lawyer, may be able to help, as well. Family members and friends are sometimes valid sources of recommendations, too. Additional sources of recommendations include industry associations and trade groups. Online platforms can also help you search for the best contractors to fit your needs.

As you’re choosing between your options, figure out as much as you can about each service provider’s approach and qualifications to see if they’re the right fit. In fact, The Balance recommends being just as rigorous in your evaluations as you would be with a full-time employee.

Prioritize Written Agreements and Ongoing Communication

Once you’ve chosen a service provider to work with, make sure agreements on project expectations, prices, deadlines, and other important details are in writing. From there, maintain good lines of communication with them.

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