One of the greatest joys – and challenges – facing business owners and managers is that of taking a group of strangers and turning them into a powerful force that drives your business toward success. Building a winning team should be the top priority for every entrepreneur.

So here are four team-building tips you can start putting into practice today.

1. Set Clear Expectations

One of the first steps to building a winning team is giving them clear expectations. Set measurable goals and create a vision for your team. The more clarity they have concerning goals, targets, and expectations, the easier it will be for them to self-correct along the way and increase their effectiveness.

It often helps to set annual goals and then work backwards from there with quarterly, monthly, and weekly targets.

2. Provide Needed Training and Resources

Having given your team clear expectations about their goals and targets, it’s also important to make sure they have the resources and training that they’ll need to accomplish those goals.

Failure to support your team can have serious consequences for your business. A 2019 study by LinkedIn found that 27% of millennials and Gen Z workers reported a lack of training and support as their number one reason for quitting a job.

3. Ask Your Team for Input

Respect can be a powerful motivator.

Asking your employees for feedback about their work, and inviting them to suggest ideas for improvement makes them feel respected. It gives them a sense of ownership. That increases job satisfaction and often leads to increased productivity.

You still have to provide leadership and direction yourself, of course. But making each member of your team feel that they have a voice and a stake in the success of their company is a powerful team-building strategy.

4. Don’t Micromanage

Do you often find yourself thinking, “If I want something done right, I’d better do it myself”? That kind of thinking often leads to micromanaging your employees. While this tendency may seem to get good results in the short term, it can be a huge roadblock to creating a winning team.

To bring out the best in your team, you’ve got to give them some space to breathe and do their work. You’ll often get better results in the long run by using positive reinforcement and focusing on progress over perfection.

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