Human resources are one of the most important assets in your business. Maintaining an environment where you retain good employees isn’t always easy, but it will save you time and money. Here are some ways to create an office where employees enjoy coming to work.

  • Your company culture starts with leadership. Make sure your values and attitudes focus on employee satisfaction.
  • Treat employees well. Don’t micromanage your team. Set them up for success.
  • Recruit employees who are positive and creative and who fit into your team.
  • Communicate with integrity about what is going on in your company. Tell your team the truth. Be transparent.
  • Offer competitive compensation.
  • You also need to think about other benefits, such as flexibility in scheduling or telecommuting. Money matters, but so does a nice environment in which to work. Offer training and mentoring to help people grow.
  • Give feedback to your employees so they know how they’re doing.
  • Set your team up for success. Motivate your team by telling them what you expect and then letting them achieve it.
  • When employees do meet goals, show your appreciation, and recognize their excellence.
  • Don’t be afraid to deal with negativity on your team. One bad team member can poison your entire office. It’s demeaning to work in a place where one person is holding everyone hostage to their efforts.
  • Retaining good employees means that you take care of them. You may need to tailor your benefits to your unique audience. Keep in mind that losing a good team member costs you lost revenue and knowledge. It’s expensive to train new employees and get them up to speed. It’s also time-consuming to find the right people. Don’t lose your best employees to other companies because you’re not thinking about employee retention.

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